perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

CCW-16: V/A - Korpien kuiskintaa LP

4-way split LP of punk/hc-bands from the Kainuu region of Finland, this comp features The Carnival, Red Light Says Go, Valium Kiharat and Out of Tune. Originally set to be released in 2008, this is finally out now after various kinds of difficulties. 250 copies pressed, 12 € + postage. OoT tracks can be listened at bandcamp.

CCW-15: Tape Club

A monthly C15 tape club ("Kasettikerho") running from November 2012 to May 2013. All bands are from Oulu, Finland, except Temppeliherrat which is from Rovaniemi. It costs 15 € for the full series, limited copies of the series are still available.

#1 Death by Snoo Snoo
#2 Troutmen
#3 The Recluses
#4 Dusty Bottoms
#5 Temppeliherrat
#6 Boar

CCW-14: Pelkkä Väliviiva LP

Debut solo LP from Vilu of Sur-rur. A co-release with Joteskii Groteskii, 300 copies made. 12 € + postage, almost sold out now though. Sample tracks at Youtube and SoundCloud.