lauantai 15. lokakuuta 2011

CCW-11: Out of Tune / Schwerbelastungskörper split 7"+MP3

A co-release with Desibelirium.

Nine tracks from Schwerbelastungskörper divided into three trilogies. The Topical Trilogy, The Beer Trilogy and The Astigmatic Trilogy feature finnish hardcore punk insanity recommended for the fans of Hedelmäpommi, Jumalan Ruoska and other classic rock bands. Check it out at

Three songs from Out of Tune, with twisted hardcore, dissonant rock and unorthodox heavyness. Lyrics are based on various subjects such as applying game studies to culture jamming, epistemologic views of R.A. Wilson and buggery. Recommended for fans of Rush and other classic rock bands with too many notes and high vocals. Like this: http://

6 € ppd anywhere, get in touch for wholesale and trades.